Thursday, 20 December 2012

RAPE - An Understatement to the Happening

                           Do you know who Junko Furuta was? Well, she was just another 17 year old Japanese high school student in the late 80s until a gang of 4 boys held her captive for 44 days. She was raped over 440 times on total. She was forced to masturbate, drink her own urine and eat cockroaches. Those 4 bastards burnt her with cigarettes, held her face to the ground and jumped on it, tied her hands to the ceiling and used her as a punching bag. If that's not enough, rockets and hot iron rods were inserted into her mouth, ears and vagina. Hot wax was poured on her face and her left nipple was cut using pliers. Scissors were inserted into her vagina and it started bleeding that she was unable to urinate. It took her one hour to crawl down a floor helplessly to the bathroom.
At one moment, she pleaded her torturers to kill her and get over it. They didn't. Instead, they tortured her more. And ultimately, they poured candle fire on her eyes and face and they hid her in a 55 gallon drum of concrete. It took the police one whole year to find her body. The guilty were given a jail sentence of 5-20 years and the prime predator's parents had to sell their house and pay a sum over 600,000$ to Junko Furuta's family.

                       Meanwhile in India, in December '12, a girl was gang raped in a moving bus in the captial city Delhi by four bastards again out of which one was a fruit seller, one was a gym instructor, a bus driver and his brother. They hit her male friend who boarded the private bus along with her with steel rods. They raped her in the driver's cabin for over an hour. The also inserted the steel rods into her vagina. She went unconscious unlike Junko. And then, the four threw her nude out of the bus after robbing her.

                     A married construction worker in Goa raped a 4 year old kid. Her name was Seema. She was killed after raping. At her age, she didn't know what sex even was. And she was raped. The worker, Deepak came to her and offered her a chocolate while she was playing with other kids and then took her to a construction site and did it. What did the little kid do? Was being born like a girl her fault?
If that's not enough, in India itself, there are numerous rape cases. Delhi, the capital city alone has had over 480 registered rape cases in the last one year. Imagine the number of non-registered cases? Imagine the number of cases in India? Imagine, in Asia? Imagine, the World?
And if that's still not enough, sexual predators raped a 2 year old girl, an 8 year old Dalit girl, a class 10 girl, a 35 year old film maker. These are all which just made it into the news. Even by the time you finish reading this article, someone is getting raped.

                     Recently in the later half of '12, 16 bastards gang raped one girl in public sight on the main road in Guwahati. They molested her and raped her after a party. It was 7 o clock in the evening.
The punishment they got? 2 years 'rigorous' prisionment and a whopping cash fine of Rs 2500. Yes, Rs 2500.

                     The laws in other countried are totally different. For instance, in the Middle Eastern countries, if a rape takes place and the guilty are caught. They are beheaded. Yes, their head is seperated from their bodies with the help of a big sword.
In Lebanon and Africa, the guilty are made to run naked on the streets. They get kicked, smacked in the balls until they vomit blood and are finally hanged.
Singapore offers a new way of torture to the rapists. Imagine, honey is applied to your arms and then, your arm is locked into an ant hole. The ants eat away the honey including your skin leaving the bones.                                            

                   I'm not criticizing the Indian laws here inspite of the fact that they should be made more severe for such crimes. I'm just putting the facts infront of you. Every crime cannot be blamed on the politicians for not executing the rules properly. They're already busy sitting on Gold Thrones and living in big ass houses. So, it's down to ourselves.

When I asked my friend about her feeling towards the Delhi rape case, she had to say:

"Know. Sucks to live in a country where rape is as common as common as guys peeking on the roads. A girl can't step out of her house alone without being taunted. Why's it that they do nothing at all? I think they should be hanged. Don't you? The country's filled with wild perverts and all they do is blame the girl for her clothes, the places she goes, the time she's out and what not? What about the guwahati rape case? They sit and debate about it for a few days and then you don't hear about it at all. Sucks to have people like that rule our place. I've cried enough about the guwahati rape . I don't think things are going to change anytime soon."

It's down to ourselves. We should change ourselves. For this country to be as pure as diamond, we should change. How long do you want to see India still a developing country? The morals we teach and inherit into our younger ones should change. The time of truth always triumphing is fading away. Now's the time when the triumphant are rarely an epitome of loyalty and truthfulness. The World is turning greedy and selfish day by day.
This is not the country we hoped for when we got Independence in 1947. This is not the country why Freedom Fighters laid down their lives with a smile. This is not the country which we, Indians hope for. And for that, 'Y-O-U' have to change. It's all in you. Whenever you see injustice happening, don't thin down. Instead, voice up against it cleverly because if not you, nobody else rather would.

Observe. Think. React.

A rape victim wrote a blog to help other victims recover from depression.
Link :

                              "Be the change you want to see." - MK Gandhi                             

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  1. In tears ! But I don't think this would give justice to her ! But I hope there would be some change! *pray*

  2. wow! so intense! really hope sever action is taken! gave me goose pimples when i read it!

  3. The thing that hurts the most is that all we can do is sit and wait for someone to do something! :/ But yes, these rape cases have really opened up my mind. The rapists, they need to be punished severely and should be humiliated their entire life. And as for the girl who just got raped I pray to god that she would not be treated badly in the society now. Though death would have been better for her.

  4. Was in tears after reading this article! Why is there so much brutality in this world? I think the only answer to this is if we start acting instantly and not stay quite. "Silence is no longer golden'